Aventon Explored: Delving into E-Bike Manufacturing, Service, and Company Essentials

If you ask Google what the best electric bikes are, you’re bound to find several lists featuring at least one Aventon e-bike. But are they any good? And more poignantly, what do you know about the company behind the brand? This article explores Aventon E-bike manufacturing, services, and company essentials.

Aventon is a relatively new electric bike manufacturer based in the US. These electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their quality build and affordable prices. Although they originally started selling fixed-gear bikes, they eventually changed to electric bikes.

When evaluating a company, we must examine its operations, goals, and if it produces quality products that rival (or outperform) the closest competitors. Below, we’ll continue exploring the Aventon company.

Aventon Explored: Company Details

Thanks to its quality products and affordable prices, Aventon is one of several popular eclectic bikes (e-bike) manufacturers.

Originally the company was geared toward producing performance bikes, but it has an extensive range of e-bikes, including cruisers, commuters, cargo, and fat tires.

How Old Is Aventon?

Aventon opened its doors in 2012 and will turn 11 in 2023.

The company originally manufactured fixed-gear bicycles under the founding vision of owner JW Zhang.

By 2018 the company began shifting towards electric bikes, and in 2021 they discontinued the “fixie” range of bikes in pursuit of e-bikes.

Is Aventon A Chinese Company?

While the founder of Aventon has a distinctly Asian name, the company itself is not Chinese (or Asian).

They are a United States-based company; however, Aventon has one Chinese-based investor: Gaorong Capital

Where Is Aventon Headquarters?

Aventon’s headquarters are in Brea Corporate Park, California (3040 Saturn St Suite 202, Brea, CA 92821, USA).

Aventon was originally based in Los Angeles but moved in 2020. This move was mainly due to expansion needs, as the warehouse in LA had become too small for additional storage.

The move also drastically increased Aventon’s West Coast and overseas racing teams.

Where Are Aventon E-Bikes Made?

While Aventon’s headquarters are based in California, the actual e-bike production is outsourced to China (as do many other e-bike manufacturers). The Aventon manufacturing plant is roughly 200 miles from Shanghai.

Thanks to this outsourcing, Aventon e-bikes are equipped with a significant amount of technology, and (more importantly) they are affordable.

However, according to an interview in 2021, with Mr. Zhang, Aventon plans on constructing a US-based factory that is highly automated, reducing costs and improving productivity (shipping from China is expensive and time-consuming).

The goal is for this factory to be functional by 2025.

Where Do Aventon Bikes Ship From?

After production in China, the e-bikes return to the States, shipping from various warehouses nationwide.

Aside from the completed e-bikes shipping from where they are produced in China to the US, most models do not ship out of the 48 contiguous United States (however, they ship to Canada).

The issue with international shipping is that other countries have different legislation concerning e-bikes, and acquiring the correct documentation becomes tricky.

The “red tape” often makes purchasing an e-bike at the destination easier than shipping one from the US.

Is Aventon Publicly Traded?

Aventon is a privately held company because the founder, ZW Zhang, (and investors) remain the owners.

The benefit of Aventon being a private company is that they can pursue any development line they desire while meeting the mission and vision they set for themselves.

If the company were publicly traded, there would be additional shareholders, and the company goals would not necessarily align with what the founder desired.

Does Aventon Only Sell E-Bikes?

Although Aventon originally manufactured and sold fixed-gear/fixed-wheel bicycles, they no longer sold other bike varieties after they changed to electric bikes.

However, Aventon sells e-bike-related products, including:

  • Mounting racks, baskets, cables, and bike locks
  • Replacement displays, chargers, and fenders
  • Tail lights, mirrors
  • Trailers
  • Bike riding gear (helmets, bags, water bottles, pumps, etc.)

Is Aventon A Good E-Bike Brand?

Aventon has worked hard to build up its reputation as a quality producer of electric bikes.

While knowledge and understanding of what type of company Aventon is is important. For most consumers, the real decision on whether or not to buy an Aventon electric bike hinges on the quality of the product and the purchasing experience (after-sales services, support, technical advice, etc.).

Are Aventon E-Bikes Good?

We know that Aventon e-bikes are popular thanks to their affordability and aesthetic appeal, but what other positive points do they bring to the table?

Materials And Manufacturing

  • Hydroformed aluminum frame – high pressure pushes metal through a die which cuts the metal with significant precision
  • The strong metal construction accommodates weight well, improving the e-bike’s durability
  • Most Aventon e-bikes accommodate small, medium, or large riders from 4’11” to 6’4″
  • Aventon e-bikes use a 350W, 500W, or 750W brushless Bafang or Shengyi rear-hub electric motor (depending on the model). Bafang motors are usually city motors, providing a quiet experience; however, they are also occasionally used on off-road e-bikes

Shengyi motors. These affordable motors provide sufficient energy for their price, but they are slightly underpowered when compared to top-brands

  • Aventon e-bikes have a standard water-resistant rating of IPX4 (the electronics are safe from splashes from all directions, so riding in the rain is not an issue)
  • All Aventon e-bikes have lithium-ion batteries, providing the best possible battery life and a range of roughly 40 miles (the total range is from 30 to 60 miles, depending on the assist level)
  • All models come standard with mechanical disc brakes, except the Aventure range, which has Bengal Ares 3 hydraulic disc brakes
  • Most customers are satisfied with the standard saddle found on select Aventon models; however, if you spend several hours riding at a time, you may consider an upgrade

Performance And Handling

These bikes have fantastic energy output. For example, the 750w motor produces 1130w of peak power.

  • Most models fall into the Class 2 category of electric bikes; however, there are select Class 3 models
  • The 4″ fat-bike tires provide comfort and effective handling on most off-road terrain
  • These bikes are competitive in the speed category, with some models (like the Aventure) reaching 28 mph with pedal assist. Throttle-only models travel at 20 mph
  • Most riders agree that Aventon e-bikes provide a “predictable” experience, which is essential for off-road riding, commuting, and cargo-handling
  • Many riders praise Aventon’s e-bikes for their stability at speed
  • Thanks to the “walk-mode” setting, pushing your e-bike while riding on technical off-road routes (or steep driveways and pedestrian areas) is considerably easier

Aventon Has A Decent Range Of Electric Bikes

A significant boon for Aventon is that they do not limit themselves to a specific type of e-bike; instead, their range encompasses the following:

  • Cargo
  • Commuter
  • Cruise
  • Fat tire/off-road
  • Folding
  • Step-through

What Are Some Of The Negatives Of Aventon E-BIkes?

  • While there is a range of heights supported across the various models, not every model supports all the height categories
  • Surprisingly, the off-road Aventure lacks a rear suspension, which leads to rider discomfort during long off-road riding
  • Some Aventon models are heavy (around 73 lbs), making them awkward and challenging to transport
  • While most of the e-bikes are affordable, some models (like the Aventure) are more expensive, making them mid-range e-bikes
  • Users have complained that the Aventon Level’s tires deflate easily
  • Several models don’t allow you to use the throttle from a stationary position, i.e., you’ll need to get the e-bike moving by pedaling before engaging the throttle

Does Aventon Have Good Customer Service?

One of the benefits of Aventon is that they are a direct-to-consumer company. This model allows Aventon to reduce the cost by eliminating the “middle-man” and allowing the company to set warranties as they deem suitable.

While many customers are happy with the Aventon e-bikes they purchase, many do not enjoy the customer service.

The consensus is that customer services take forever to respond and don’t necessarily provide useful information when they do eventually.

Aventon According To Online Reviews

Thanks to the internet and the many review platforms available, we can understand some user experiences.

However, we must remember that people with a negative experience often leave a review, while only those with a spectacular experience leave positive reviews. Most satisfied customers, unfortunately, don’t leave reviews.

  • Trustpilot – 2.1 stars out of five from 13 reviews. While there are few reviews, the common issue is customer service (many disgruntled customers say there is none). Another commonly experienced issue is a dead battery/one that doesn’t switch on
  • Facebook Reviews – 3.5 stars out of 5 from 164 people. An average rating from an average number of reviews, most complaints also concern lack of customer service and batteries that arrive dead


One of the after-market benefits of Aventon e-bikes is that the company offers a two-year warranty.

However, certain e-bike parts carry different warranties.

For example, Aventon offers a lifetime warranty on the frame (provided you register the e-bike within 90 days of purchasing and it remains in the original purchaser’s possession) but a two-year warranty on most other components relating to the drive system.

Free Shipping

For those living in the 48 continental states, Aventon offers free shipping on purchases of $100 and more. Unfortunately, Aventon won’t ship full e-bikes or lithium-ion batteries outside these 48 states.

Although their website states 3 to 5 business days for in-stock products, or 7 to 10 for out-of-stock products, many disgruntled clients complain that shipping takes significantly longer.

14-Day Returns

Unused and new items are eligible for a full refund (less shipping fees) within two weeks of purchase.

Items (new and unused) returned after 14 days receive a restocking fee of 20% of the purchase price. At the same time, used items may be returned within 30 days of purchasing but will receive a restocking fee of 50% of the purchase price.


Aventon is a relatively new US-based electric bike company that outsources its manufacturing to China. They are affordable, durable, and quality e-bikes for their price, making them immensely popular. This privately owned company offers free shipping within the 48 contiguous states; however, many clients experience issues with Aventon’s customer services.


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