Close-up of an e-bike handlebar with gear shifter and brake lever, showing gear numbers and textured grip

E-Bike Shifters Decoded!

If you rewind the clock on the history of the bicycle, you will notice that their evolution has been mind-blowing. In the 80s, for example, we had the old Stranger Things “chopper” style bike with a big gear shifter on the top tube. Today, you … Read more

Torque Vs. Watts: E-Bike Essentials Simplified

So, you’re shopping around for an e-bike and getting lost in the cavernous rabbit hole of stats, figures, charts, and, worst of all, jargon. Your computer screen is filled with amps, wattage, torque, power, and amp hours. Still, your electrical engineering degree is missing from … Read more

What Makes Electric Mountain Bikes Worth the Price?

Although many of us would love to own an electric bike for every occasion, unfortunately, budget constraints usually don’t allow it, making us choose leisure or off-roading. However, when shopping for an electric mountain bike, you might be shocked to discover how much they cost! … Read more

Do E-Bikes Require Disc Brakes? Pros and Cons Explained

Although electric bikes are not classified as motor vehicles (provided they are 750w and below), many reach speeds between 20 and 28mph. This relatively quick pace means that electric bikes require sufficient braking capabilities. With the various brakes available, we must ask, “Do e-bikes need … Read more

Weight Limit on Electric Bikes: A Comprehensive Analysis

Have you ever wondered, “Is there a weight limit for electric bikes?” If you’re new to the scene, you’ve probably heard enthusiasts preaching about how amazing they are or the local salesperson who swears e-bikes can do nothing wrong. But precious few people like to … Read more

Do E-Bikes Need Suspension?

E-Bike Suspension – Is It a Must-Have? Find Out Now

Suspensions are critical for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Aside from improving comfort during the ride, a good suspension prolongs the various vehicle components by reducing the impacts they experience. However, do electric bikes need suspension? All electric bikes can dampen impacts, but not all have … Read more

How Do Chainless Electric Bikes Work?

Breaking the Chain: Exploring Chainless Electric Bike Mechanics

The technology in electric bikes has accelerated forward at an (almost) unprecedented rate. If you’ve only recently come up to speed concerning electric bikes and how their motors work, then brace yourself! Below we’re taking a look at how chainless electric bikes work. Chainless electric … Read more

Steep Hill Climbing: Are Electric Bikes Up for the Challenge?

One of the biggest selling points of eclectic bikes is that they help you maintain a constant speed. While most manufacturers advertise that this assistance extends to hills, they often don’t specify how steep those hills are. So, can electric bikes climb steep hills? And … Read more

Going the Extra Mile: Can Pedaling Charge Your Electric Bike’s Battery?

For all the benefits of electric bikes, the downside is that you need to plug them in to recharge. But is there another way to do it? While putting your bike on charge after a grueling day in the saddle, you might ask yourself, “do … Read more

Ebike Torque Sensors Explained: How Do They Enhance Your Electric Bike Experience?

Depending on factors like your incline, you will require varying degrees of assistance from your ebike. Torque sensors make this variation possible by measuring how hard you are peddling at any given moment, thus determining how much power the motor should supply in that instant. … Read more