Why Your Aventon Aventure Won’t Turn On and How to Bring It Back to Life

Ever found yourself struggling with an unresponsive Aventon Aventure? Just like when cutting-edge technology takes us by surprise, even the best products can face unexpected hiccups. But don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the process of identifying and resolving the issue.

When the Aventon Aventure will not turn on, check all connections, and reset the cover. Once done, connect the battery and hold the power or M button for 5 seconds. If that doesn’t work, check that the charger is working correctly and that your battery hasn’t gone into sleep mode.

It is frustrating when your Aventon Aventure will not turn on. Unfortunately, advice to “just use it as a regular bike” is not helpful since e-bikes weigh significantly more than your typical road or mountain bike. Nor does it necessarily mean you need a new battery or motor. To save you time and effort, we’ve compiled the essential troubleshooting steps to get your ebike up and running again.

Check Aventon Aventure Battery Connections And Try Again

If your Aventon Aventure does not turn on, check that the battery and bike are connecting correctly. If so, try again, but hold the power button for 5 seconds. Alternatively, hold the M button for 5 seconds after tapping the power button.

Aventon Aventure Battery

Check if Your Aventon Aventure Battery Is In Sleep Mode

If the battery is in sleep mode, your Aventon Aventure will not turn on. The battery takes this protective measure if it encounters a problem while charging. To wake the battery up, try the following:

  1. Place the battery in the correct position on the bike
  2. Take the unplugged charging tip and connect it to the battery
  3. Plug the charger into the wall outlet
  4. Press the power button
  5. Press and hold the M button and wait for the display

Test Your Aventon Aventure Battery Charger

If your Aventon Aventure is not turning on, the problem could be with the charger. To check it, try the following:

  1. Ensure your charger is empty, without the battery connected
  2. Plug the charger into the wall
  3. There should be a solid green light
  4. If the green light does not come on, you need to contact Aventon support about fixing or replacing the charger
  5. If the green light turns on, unplug the charger
  6. Remove the battery from your bike
  7. Connect the battery to the charger
  8. Plug the charger into the wall outlet
  9. Charging lights of green or red should now be on. If they are not, you will need to contact Aventon support, as your battery may be faulty

Reset Your Aventon Battery Cover To Turn Bike On

The cover of the Aventon Aventure bike can sometimes shift during transport, such as during delivery or in your car while driving to your cycling destination. When this happens, the cover prevents the proper connection between the battery and the bike. Once you’ve reset the cover, the battery can connect to the e-bike properly, and your Aventure will turn on.

Sometimes, a firm push or “whack” with the lower palm of your hand is enough to resolve the issue. In other instances, you’ll need to fetch your toolbox.

  1. Find the screw at the base of the face plate at the end that has the battery port cover
  2. Use a Philips screwdriver to take the screw out
  3. Slide the cover off; it may need a jiggle, but do not force it off
  4. If the “jiggle” doesn’t work, slide the cover back, grab an old credit card, and slide it under the button to hold it up before gently removing the battery from its cover
  5. Now you can check the battery button without the cover to see if it works
  6. If it works, then the battery cover was the problem
  7. Replace the cover, trying to keep the cover button and the battery aligned
  8. If it refuses to line up, you may require a new battery cover
  9. Do not throw out the charging port cover or clear button; they are needed for the new cover

If the cover was bent during delivery, contact customer service to replace the faulty cover. Again, you will need the charging port cover and the clear power button, as the replacement covers do not come with these pieces. If, for whatever reason, the port cover or clear button were damaged, customer support must be alerted so they can arrange for a suitable replacement.

Test Aventon Aventure

Ensure Aventon Battery Connection Is Tight

The prongs on the Aventon Battery might not be making a good connection, causing the bike to not turn on. The problem can be fixed by tightening the prongs. However, this involves bending them and doing it improperly could cause them to snap. Thus, if you are not confident doing this, ask your local bicycle repair shop to assist.

If the prongs are tight, check that they are not dirty. Even small debris can cause problems. Get an electric spray cleaner from your local bike shop to clean it. Do not try to use soap or other household solvents, or you might hurt the battery.

Don’t Use The Wrong Charger For Aventon Battery

Using the wrong charger can cause harm to the Aventon Aventure battery or put it in sleep mode. It is tempting to use another charger if you’ve gone on vacation and forgotten your own. But doing so can violate the warranty and might mean you will require a new battery.

Once you have your Aventon charger, you can try charging your battery again. Once it is charged, see if your bike will now turn on.

If your Aventon Aventure remains off, try the following:

  1. Keep the battery on the bike
  2. Connect the charging tip to the battery (unplugged from the wall)
  3. Plug the charging tip into the wall after it is connected to the battery
  4. Press the power button to turn on
  5. Then hold the M and wait for the display

If this still doesn’t work, you may need to have your battery checked by a professional. If they think your battery is dead, consult your warranty and contact Aventon for assistance.


Aventon Aventure e-bikes sometimes won’t turn on due to faulty charging, connection issues, or the battery in sleep mode. Some of these issues are easy to fix on your own. However, if you are not confident doing it yourself, consult your local bicycle repair shop or call Aventon customer support.


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